What is myBlockly?

myBlockly is a piece of completely visual modular programming software and falls into the graphical programing language.

myBlockly is similar in function and design to Scratch, a children programming language developed by MIT.

When using myBlockly, the user may build code logic by dragging modules, and the programming process is much like building blocks.

In the user\'s eyes, myBlockly is a visual tool that is simple and easy to use. It can be used to generate codes. In the developer\'s eyes, myBlockly is a text box containing the codes input by the user.

The process that codes are generated into text boxes is the process of the user\'s dragging in myBlockly.

Installing myBlockly

The address to download myBlockly: - GitHub address: https://github.com/elephantrobotics/myblockly-package/releases/tag/v0.0.6 - Official website: https://www.elephantrobotics.com/download/

Applicable equipment

  • myCobot 280
    • myCobot 280 M5
    • myCobot 280 PI
    • myCobot 280 Jetson Nano
    • myCobot 280 for Arduino
  • myCobot 320
    • myCobot 320 M5
    • myCobot 320 PI
  • myPalletizer 260
  • mechArm-270
    • mechArm-270 M5
    • mechArm-270 PI

Preconditions for use

  • M5 series version, the bottom Basic is programmed to miniRobot , select the Transponder function, and the end ATOM is programmed to the latest version of atomMain (the factory default has been programmed)
  • Pi \ jetsonnano series, ATOM burns the latest version of atomMain (factory default already burnt)
  • For the configuration of Python environment, refer to Python ▶ chapter.

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