Installation and use of suction pump

Please scan the code to watch the installation tutorial of the suction pump (the installation tutorial takes the 280-M5 version as an example):


  • The 280-Pi version is connected to the suction pump: On the basis of the suction pump installation tutorial, the G2 and G5 pin ports on the suction pump can be connected to the corresponding 20 and 21 pin ports of the robotic arm.

1 API Introduction

280-M5 version:

  • set_basic_output (pin_no, pin_signal) corresponds to \"set bottom X...\" of myblockly.


280-Pi version: The following two APIs correspond to myblockly's "Raspi-GPIO"....

  • GPIO.setup(pin_no,state)
  • GPIO.output(pin_no,state)
  • The mode in myblockly is set to BCM by default


*For more details, please see the explanation in the Python section

2 Simple demo

Dragging is shown in the video.

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