1 Product introduction

The world's smallest 6-DOF compound robot, developed jointly by elephant robot and Hua Wei, is fully self-produced. The manipulator uses mycobot and loads camera eye in Hand design.AGV adopts Mecanum wheel + lidar + high-precision camera. Control mode: autonomous navigation, handle control, keyboard control, etc.

2 Product index

Index Parameter
Model myAGV
Size 300x205x145mm
Weight 3.02kg
Wheel Mecanum wheel
Motor hall encoder motor
Max.speed speed of motor 220RPM/min
Moving speed 0.9m/s
Lidar 360 ° omnidirectional radar
Identification range 8m
Built in controlle raspberry pie 4B
Built in camera 5M Pixels
Charging voltage 24V,1A

3 Pin description

图2 图3 图1

4 Functional features

  • 1.Omnidirectional wheel : four Mecanum wheels, full package design;

  • 2.Slam lidar navigation and mapping: real time movement and drawing construction; Autonomous navigation;

  • 3.Built-in camera: it can identify and accurately locate objects;

  • 4.Smallest compound robot: It can carry up to 2 mycobot robot arm and equipped with end-effectors;

  • 5.Eye-in-Hand recognition: mycobot can accurately locate and calibrate the camera and grab it in a large range;

  • 6.Rich teaching system: support ROS simulation and moveit all open source; Meanwhile, the interface is rich: Raspberry pie, Arduino, python, c++;

  • 7.Various playing methods: it can be coordinated by multiple machines, controlled in multiple ways, and multiple robots can move in real time.

5 Application

  • Laser radar and slam navigation diagram.

  • eye-in-hand identification and grab, using different end effector.

  • Automatic driving

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