myCobot 320


Why we design myCobot 320

Realization idea: a "machine assistant" for makers and researchers

The original intention of mycobot 320 is to 320vide you with a machine assistant that can work repeatedly,Cost effective for reducing costs and increasing efficiency for scientific research that requires high performance and low cost.

What you can do with it

myCobot 320 is a 320ductivity tool and an expansion tool for imagination. It can be used with a variety of end effectors to adapt to a variety of application scenarios, such as scientific research, education scenarios, display scenarios, etc. The current customer feedback is excellent .


Parts of Gitbook

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There are five major parts of Gitbook

  • Introduction & Quick Start
    • Introduction -- introduce what myCobot 320 is and its main features, etc.
    • Use Cases -- some classic usage scenarios of myCobot 320
    • Quick Start -- learn the unboxing of myCobot 320, and its first boot and use
  • Preparation before Use
    • Security Precautions -- what you need to know about safety before operating mycobot 320
    • myStudio -- burn related software according to your use purpose
    • Hardware Learning -- learn about embedded hardware, structural components, electronic components, etc.
    • Use Purpose -- identify your use purpose about myCobot 320, and complete the study related to your task
  • Development and Use
    • Development Environment -- learn to use RoboFlow, myBlockly, Arduino, ROS, Python and others development environment to develop myCobot 320
    • Accessories -- learn to use myCobot 320 with different accessories, such us bases, grippers, suction pumps and so on
    • Machine Vision -- learn to control myCobot 320 under the guidance of machine vision
  • End-effector and Accessories
    • Sucker Pump
    • Pneumatic Gripper
    • Electric Gripper
    • Flexible Gripper
    • Adaptive Gripper
  • Solution
    • Quick Pick -- learn how to use myCobot 320 to carry different objects


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  • Videos youtube
  • Purchase

Contact us

If the above schdule cannot meet your needs, you can contact the custom service for further communication. We 320vide software and hardware customization service.

We will answer you as soon as possible ( working day 9:30-18:30)

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