Setting the Color of RGB Light Panel


M5Stack series: Make sure robot is connected with PC (Go to 5.1 myBlockly for more information).

Other series: Make sure the robot is in normal status.

Purpose for this section

This section includes instructions for controlling the RGB light panel.

Introduction to API

  • Set Color R() G() B()

  • Applicable to myCobot 280 series, myCobot 320 series, myCobot Pro 600 series and myPalletizer 260 series

  • Parameters:

    Set the color of RGB light panel. R X , G X and B Xmeans red, green and blue respectively.

    Brightness Range:

    R: 0-255

    G: 0-255

    G: 0-255

  • Function: Controlling RGB light panel

Simple Demo

  • program for display

  • Change in color of RGB light panel:

    The color of RGB light panel changes in sequence of blue, red, then green. The whole process loops 7 times.

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