myCobot: From 0 to 1


1.1 Why do we design myCobot

An entry-level collaborative robot arm that everyone can learn and play

The original design of myCobot is to help friends who are interested in 6-axisseries robot to learn it from entry to master, creating unprecedented experience and teaching value.

What you can learn

Robotics is based on rigid body kinematics and dynamics, but also an interdisciplinary subject that combines hardware, software, algorithm and control.

With myCobot, you can learn that

  • Hardware
    • Embedded Microcontroller Based on ESP32
    • Motor and Steering Gear
    • M5Stack Basic/ Atom
  • Software
    • Arduino开发环境
    • C++
    • Python
    • ROS,MoveIt
    • Communication Data
    • Virtual Machines & Linux (visual system)
  • Algorithm
    • Series Manipulator
    • Coordinate and Coordinate Transformation坐标与坐标转换
    • DH Parameters
    • Kinematics
    • Manipulator Algorithm (e.g. dynamics)
  • Machine Vision (Vision Set)
    • Color Recognition
    • Image Recognition
    • Hand-Eye Calibration
    • See and Grab
  • Extended Applications
    • End-effector: gripper,suction pump, etc.
    • Robot Suit & Industry 4.0 Applications


Parts of Gitbook

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There are four major parts of Gitbook :

  • Introduction & Quick Start
    • Introduction -- introduce what myCobot is and its main features, etc.
    • How to Read -- help you read Gitbook efficiently according to your learning level and knowledge background
    • Use Cases -- you can know exactly what use cases you can accomplish with
    • Quick Start -- learn the unboxing of your myCobot, and its first boot and use
  • Preparation before Development
    • Background Knowledge -- learn about tools, industrial robots, algorithms, software, hardware,etc.
    • Hardware Learning -- learn about embedded hardware, structural components, electronic components, etc.
    • Purpose of Use -- identify the purpose you want to use it for, and complete the study related to your task
  • Development and Use
    • Development Environment -- learn to use Arduino, ROS, uiFlow, roboFlow, python and others development environment to develop myCobot
    • Accessories -- learn to use myCobot with different accessories, such us bases, grippers, suction pumps and so on
    • Machine Vision -- learn to control myCobot under the guidance of machine vision
    • Robot Modification -- learn how to modificate myCobot into a 4 or 5 axis manipulator
  • myCobot Suit
    • Intelligent Warehouse: learn how to use myCobot to carry different objects
    • Artificial Intelligence: learn how to control myCobot to grasp objects intelligently under the guidance of machine vision
    • Industry 4.0: learn how to grasp and place objects intelligently by simulating production line

Information Source

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