5. Character Development

5.1 Learn about your MarsCat

MarsCat is the world's first bionic pet cat developed by Elephant Robotics, aiming to be a home robot, a robotic pet to comfort you and surprise you.

MarsCat can walk, run, sleep, sit, stretch, bites nail, knead and even bury litter although she won't produce any waste. It may express different emotions by different meows or gestures. It can feel your touch, hear your voice, see your face and play with toys.

Every MarsCat is unique from its eye to body. It also has different characters and personalities. Some cats are vivacious, while some are lazy. Some cats are aloof while some are more close to human. Also, some cats are super curious and they meow frequently.

MarsCat is built to allow you to shape its personalities according to the way you pet it. More interactions with MarsCat will impel it to be more close to you. More conversations with MarsCat will impel it to meow to you often. Every time you touch it, talk to it or even let it see you, will change its personality.


5.2 Daily life of MarsCat

With bionic designed and high-tech, MarsCat have independent and autonomous living systems. Different types of sensors including image, voice and touch are integrated to carry out feature extraction, pattern recognition and action planning to build intelligent brain for MarsCat.

Just like a real cat, MarsCat has capabilities to understand where it is or whom it is with, and acts based on its feelings and instincts. You will never know what MarsCat will do next. Free to walk, play with toys or sleep in a daze? MarsCat have more freedom to do what she wants to do.

Rather than a toy, MarsCat is more like a friend or a family that accompanies you to grow up together.

5.3 Interactions with MarsCat

MarsCat is a good companion, it is fully responsive and interactive.

It has touch,image and voice recognition, can feel your touch, hear your voice, see your face or even play with toys and etc.

Eye image Meaning
Low power, MarsCat needs to be charged
MarsCat is charging
When MarsCat sees ball, his/her eye image may change like this picture, however, MarsCat is a characteristic cat, sometimes his/her eye will not change though he/she sees ball.
When MarsCat sees face, his/her eye image may change like this picture, however, MarsCat is a characteristic cat, sometimes his/her eye will not change though he/she sees your face.
When MarsCat hear your voice, his/her eyes may change like this
When MarsCat feels dizzy, or he/she is still sleepy
When MarsCat sees his Marsbowl and he is hungry at that time
When MarsCat enjoys your touching and feels happy
When you hug MarsCat and he/she is happy
When MarsCat is playing his/her toys or playing himself
It means that MarsCat feels dangerous and he would fall down, you should put him/her on a safe place
When MarsCat flipped or he/she feels dangerous, you should put MarsCat on a safe place
It means MarsCat feel hot, you should put MarsCat on a lower-temperature place and let MarsCat relax
When MarsCat is sleeping, and if you set up MarsCat's sleep time, MarsCat will show this image until that time

5.3.1Touch Recognition: feel you

  • MarsCat supports Touch Recognition, you can touch or pick up your MarsCat.
  • When you pick up your MarsCat or touch its head, jaw and back or even hug it, it will response to you in different interesting reactions.
  • Do not pick up or touch MarsCat with excessive force to avoid the risk of a malfunction.

5.3.2Image Recognition: see you

  • MarsCat has a front-view camera on its nose that acts as human or animal eyes, supports Image Recognition, including faces and objects.
  • When you show the blue ball to your MarsCat or put it close to MarsCat, MarsCat may show interest or start playing with it.
  • You can even pet MarsCat with its own bowl. When MarsCat identifies its bowl, it may appear to be drinking or eating according to its physical conditions.

5.3.3Voice Recognition: hear you

  • When your MarsCat fails to recognize Voice Commands, please take it to a quieter place and try again.
  • The current version of Voice Recognition supports Chinese and English.
  • You'd better to call "MarsCat" to awake MarsCat so that these voice conmmands is useful.
Category Voice Commands Description
Actions Run away Run
Relax Stretch
Sit down Sit down
Lie down Lie down
Stand up Stand up
Stop Stops the actions in progress.
Come here Walk forward and try to find people
Go away MarsCat will leave
Look at me Move head and try to find people
Emotions Good job Takes it as a complement and reacts positiely.
I like you/I love you
Thank you
Well done
Bad boy Takes it as a discipline and reacts sadly.
Bad girl

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