9. Frequently asked questions/contact information

9.1Frequently asked questions


1.MarsCat's eyes will flash

There are different settings of MarsCat's eyes, trigger conditions are also different.

It's not every time MarsCat responds when you make a trigger action.

2.How to maintain the battery after a long time non-use?

Save the battery after charging, besides, charge it every 3-6 months to prevent it from aging.

3.Battery Replacement

The battery model is INR18650MJ and is supplied exclusively by Elephant Robotics. For new battery to replace, please visit official website for information and to make a purchase: https://www.elephantrobotics.com

4.How to charge MarsCat

①Charging Station:

Connect the charger to the charging station and the power socket. You can charge it manually. Lay down MarsCat on the charging station so that the charging pins on the belly are engaged with the charge connector on the charging station.

MarsCat will go to the charging station to charge itself when its battery is lower than 10%(its eye will show a low battery sign); and the charging station is within the range of its vision(3*3m)


You can charge MarsCat directly with the charger, adjust MarsCat to an upturned position, plug the charger into the charging pins on the belly.

When MarsCat is charging, the battery starts charging and the status LED of the charger turns red.

When MarsCat is fully charged, the status LED of the charger turns green. It takes approximately 3 hours to fully charged MarsCat.

5.It can't be charged, it still shows low charge after a long time charging

①When charging, confirm that the charger display proper light, the charger should turn red.

②Check the charger plug and whether the charging pins on the belly is plugged in, or the charger is damaged.

6.How long does it take to fully charge, how long can MarsCat play with full power?

①It takes about 3 hours for the battery to fully charge, 2 hours for active exercise and 3-4 hours for regular exercise.

②If the battery is not used for a long time, it may take more time to charge the battery.

7.MarsCat have no reaction and all light are not on after pressing the power key for a long time.

①Confirm whether MarsCat has electricity, you can recharge it for a period of time, then try again.

②Operate incorrectly, press and hold the power button at the belly of MarsCaat for 2 seconds is ok.

8.MarsCat's eyes have always been the shape of lightning

MarsCat's eyes appears lightning because he hear your calling, if lightning appears within your calling, it may be due to misidentification.

9.MarsCat's eyes

Different behaviors trigger different shapes.

When touching MarsCat, there is a possibility of the shape of love.

When calling MarsCat, there is a possibility that lightning will appear.

10.Suddenly restart the system automatically

The system is automatically restarted when it is overloaded and overheated


We have solved problems with the software during testing.

If you have any other problems about software, please contact customer service for solution.

1.About the system language

There are only two options for the system language: Chinese and English, and after setting up the language, the APP/MarsCat/repeat connection will not change.

2.About changing the time zone

The system time changes in 2-3 minutes after changing the time zone.

3.When it's sleep time but MarsCat did not go into sleep mode and did not display sleep animation

MarsCat completes the previous action first, and immediately goes into sleep mode after the previous action.


1.Installation of tail, claw pads replacement

The tail is removed and stored in the separate place for safety, users need to install it by themselves. Remove the rubber sleeve from the receptacle hole of the tail and then push the tail into it.

Four changeable pads is attached.

2.There may be an unusual sound when walking, or walking is not smooth

①Restart the machine to see if the noise stops

②Contact customer service to confirm whether to send back for after-sales repairs

3.Calling MarsCat was not answered/voice unrecognized

①Check for blockages near the microphone

②Try to re-operate in a quiet environment

③It is best to call MarsCat in a quiet, non-noisy environment

④Within a certain distance from MarsCat, or the volume is large enough to enable the auditory sensor to recognize your sound

4.The hind legs can't move

MarsCat's joint have a limited angle, you shouldn’t move it hard, it may cause joint fractures.

5.MarsCat is not stable when walking or doing some movements, and it may fall.

①Confirm whether the ground is flat or too smooth, try to change ground and re-operation

②Check whether the leg joint is damaged, you need multiple restart attempts.

If the above issues cannot be resolved through gitbook, please contact customer service for solution

6.There are obstacles ahead MarsCat but it can't be identified

Obstacles are lower than MarsCat, so it can't be recognized by visual sensor. You can help MarsCat far from obstacles or remove the obstacles.

9.2 Contact information

Shenzhen Elephant Robotics Technology Co., Ltd

Address: Room 403,504,505 Black Ark Center, Electronics&Technology Building, Futian Dist, Shenzhen, China

Email: support@elephantrobotics.com

Phone:+86(0755)-8696-8565(working day 9:30-18:30)

Website: https://www.elephantrobotics.com

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