6.1 Introduction

MarsApp is designed for you to better interact with MarsCat, and help you enjoy the life of MarsCat.


Install the MarsApp to your smartphone.

1.Official website to download: MarsCat – Elephant Robotics

You can find download on official website shown in the following picture.

2.search marscat on Apple Store

Version Support

Supported operating system for MarsApp for smartphones

Language Support

  • Chinese
  • English

Online settings

Open app--click connecting Bluetooth--choose the MarsCat you want to connect

  • Search successfully: the page shows "connect", click it
  • Search unsuccessfully: the page shows "not find MarsCat"

If the search fails, please check the status of your Bluetooth and MarsCat and try again.

Software update

It is recommend to update your MarsApp to the latest version.

Unable to connect

  1. MarsCat's Bluetooth signal could not be searched

Solution: Restart MarsCat & Reload MarsApp

2.Staying on the Bluetooth connection page, and you can't turn on Bluetooth

Solution: When the App is first used, a request permission box pops up, If you don't see the request permission box after updating the App, you should give the app permission in the phone settings and try again.

6.2 How to use MarsApp

Follow the on-screen instructions to set up MarsCat with MarsApp.

P1: Learn the basic parameters for personalization settings.

You can visit "Basics" in the menu to

  • Set MarsCat's eye color
  • Set MarsCat's sex
  • Set MarsCat's sleep time

P2: Record dynamic data in real time to track growth trajectory.

You can use "Status" in the menu to

  • Learn about MarsCat's Levels and Experience Values
  • Learn about the status of MarsCat
  • Learn about MarsCat's daily index

P3: Remote control to unlock more interactive games

You can visit "Play" in the menu to

  • Control MarsCat's move
  • Check MarsCat's voice
  • Check MarsCat's vision
  • Check MarsCat's sensor

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