8. After-sales service

The service terms is only applicable to users who purchased MarsCat in th offificial store of Elephant Robotics or other stores authorized by Elephant Robotics.

If you need after-sales service, please contact the customer service first to confirm the relevant details. After confirmation, please fill in warranty card in the last page in detail and complete the after-sales process under the guidance of customer service.

8.1 Receipt & Return

Please make sure that your package is signed for by yourself, and confirm whether the product and its color, quantity or other items are damaged or not. Any problem encountered please contact the customer service at the first time.

Return service is limited to goods not opened within 7 days after the receipt date of logistics of the products.

The freight or other risks incurred in return shall be borne by the customer.

  • Customers are responsible for paying the cost or other expenses to ship it back to Elephant Robotics, not including the cost of re-delivery.
  • Customers assume all risk of loss or damage to the Product while in transit

8.2 Warranty Terms

  • Customers should provide purchase the invoice and warranty card as the warranty certification when a warranty is being asked.
  • Elephant Robotics will be responsible for the hardware faults of products caused by the normal using during the warranty period.
  • The warranty period starts from the date of purchase or the receipt date of the logistics.
  • The faulty parts from the products will be owned by Elephant Robotics, and the appropriate cost will be charged if necessary.

Electronic Accessories (including servos)

Warranty period Warranty services
≤90 Days customer shall bear the return cost and Elephant Robotics shall provide maintenance services and offer bear the shipping cost.
>90 Days customers shall bear the freight out and home and maintenance costs.

8.3 Non-warranty Terms

Neither of the following circumstances, even within the warranty period could have warranty services.

  • Failure to use in accordance with the regulations caused product damage
  • The user cannot provide the relevant certificate such as purchase proof/warranty card or the relevant certificate is altered
  • The faulty parts belong to the consumption materials (such as the shell, the natural consumption wear and aging of the pads)
  • Faulty or damage caused by accident or by human
  • Other faults or damages not caused by product design technology, manufacturing, quality, and etc.
  • Products that change(replace) components without authorization.
  • Products that are scratched, defaced, rusted, oxidized or artificially damaged during transport.

8.4 Special Statement

  • The freight or other risks incurred in warranty shall be borne by the customer.
  • The cost or other expenses to ship it back to Elephant Robotics (not including the cost of re-delivery)
  • All risk of loss or damage to the Product while in transit

Our company is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses caused during the usage of products normally (including damage to user' s data records or other tangible or intangible assets).

8.5 Repair service

When MarsCat break down during use, follow the procedure below. In order to ensure your timely service and your right to use, you should make sure that MarsCat is faulty before sending repair as far as possible.

Step 1: Customers make self-testing with the assistance of Elephant Robotics, confirm that the delivery repair product is faulty

Step 2: Customers send the damaged product back to Elephant Robotics

Step 3: After-sales Department of Elephant Robotics receives and transfers the product to Production Department

Step 4: Production Department confirms and repairs the damaged product

Step 5: Production Department transfers the product back to After-sales Department after maintenance

Step 6: After-sales Department deliver it to customer


  1. When the product break down, please test it by yourself, determine the cause of the failure. This process can be confirmed by after-sales personnel and technical personnel of Elephant Robotics online assistance.
  2. If it is determined that it is a product failure, the faulty product will be returned to Elephant Robotics for repair, if a charge is required, the specific cost will inform customers, Elephant Robotics will contact the customer to consult whether to agree to repair.
  3. After product maintenance, Elephant Robotics return the product to customers.
  4. Elephant Robotics reserve the right to identify the cause of product failure.
  5. During the warranty period, the customer bears the cost of shipping back, Elephant Robotics bears the cost of repair and delivery. If it is non-warranty period, the customer is required to pay for freight out and home and repair costs.

8.6 Extended Support Care

Customers pay for MarsCat Support Care each year, in addition to the original warranty period, they will receive an additional one year of repairs that are covered by the warranty.

Contents of Extened Support Care are as follows:

  • Limited return repair services three times a year
  • Price:499 dollars/year

Actual instructions are based on the information in the purchase interface

8.7 Users Notice

  1. Please remember to store and copy your user data before sending it to repair, because the data and other Settings may not be retained after repairment.
  2. Since our MarsCat are precision electronic products, customers shall return the product in a safe and reliable packing and transportation method to avoid further damage due to transportation. We suggest that the customer apply for transportation insurance. For the loss caused by transportation or other force majeure during the transportation, our company will not bear the compensation.
  3. The repair period will be determined by logistics and the degree of damage to the returned product and will be informed to the customer upon receipt of the repaired item.

Note: Our company reserves the right to interpret and modify the warranty card by law.

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