Drag teaching


Robot drag teaching is a process during which the operator can drag the joints of the robot directly to make them do ideal postures, and then make records corresponding thereto.

The cobot is a system that has this function earlier. This kind of teaching avoids various disadvantages of traditional teaching, so it is a prospective technology for robot applications.

Different types of equipment have different operating methods. They have the approximate steps below:

  • Burn the latest version of atomMain for Atom, and the minirobot for M5Stack-basic. Choose the Maincontrol function (It is unnecessary to burn M5Stack-basic for micro-CPU devices).
  • Press the recording button/keyboard key
  • select a storage path (micro-CPU devices haven't this step)
  • directly drag the joints of the robot arm to move them to your desired positions to complete a set of movements
  • press the designated button/keyboard key for saving
  • press the play button/keyboard key/keyboard key
  • select a corresponding storage path, and then the robot arm starts to move
  • and finally press the exit button/keyboard key to exit this function

In this chapter, we will teach you how to get started easily and experience the fun of cobot drag teaching.

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