1Applicable Robotic Arms

  • myCobot 280 M5
  • myCobot 320 M5
  • myPalletizer 260 M5
  • mechArm 270 M5

2 Steps to Operate the Arm

Step 1: Burn the latest atomMain for Atom.

Step 2: Burn the minirobot for M5Stack-basic, and press Calibration.

Step 2: Press A to start robot arm calibration.

Step 3: Align each joint with zero-position line in sequence.

Step 4: After finishing calibrating all joints, a signal Already Calibrate all !! emerges on the screen.

Step 5: Press EXIT to stop calibration and then press B to test the zero positions of all joints.

Step 6: Press C to exit this function. Calibration completes.

3 Tutorial Video

Video Address:

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