Drag-and-Record Demonstration

1 Applicable Robotic Arms

  • myCobot 280 M5
  • myCobot 320 M5
  • myPalletizer 260 M5
  • mechArm 270 M5

2 Steps to Operate the Arms

Step1: Burn the latest atomMain for Atom.

Step 2: BurnminirobotforM5Stack-basic, and press Maincontrol.

Step 3: Press Record.

Step 4: Select path for storage, and press Ram or Flash.

Step 5: Move the joints of the robot arm to specific positions. After that, press any one of the three buttons so as to stop recording and save the motion.

Step 6: Press Play to let the robot perform the motion recorded just now.


Pause: pause the movement

Stop: stop the movement

Play: resume the movement

3 Tutorial Video

Address: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV16t4y167vw/

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