Setting All Arms to Starting Point


M5Stack series: Make sure robot is connected with PC (Go to 5.1 myBlockly for more information).

Other series: Make sure the robot is in normal status.

Purpose for this section

This section introduces instructions for setting all arms to starting point.

Introduction to API

  • Set Angle ()

  • Applicable to six-axis robots (myCobot 280 series, mechArm series and myCobot 320 series)

  • Applicable to four-axis robots (myPalletizer series)

  • Parameters:

    Joint angle: if arms are set to starting point, set parameters of angles as 0

    Speed: Refer to 2 Products Profile

  • Function: Set all arms to the starting point (Angle 0)


Simple demo


Simple demo


Simple demo


Simple demo

  • Motion:Six

    All arms move to its starting point in 35 seconds.

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