Using C# language, you can make developments (coordinate control, angle control, io control, gripper control, etc.) freely through the c# dynamic library provided by our company, and control some of the robots which have been developed by us.
Available for: myCobot280, 320 and myPalletizer 260.


What is C#?

C# is an object-oriented programming language derived from C and C++ released by Microsoft, and an advanced programming language running on .NET Framework and .NET Core (completely open source and cross-platform).
C# is obviously different from Java. It draws on a feature of Delphi and is directly integrated with COM (Component Object Model); and it is the protagonist of .NET windows network framework of Microsoft.
C# enables C++ programmers to develop programs efficiently, and because native functions written with C/C++ may be called, the original powerful functions of C/C++ will never be affected. Because of this inheritance relationship, C# is very similar to C/C++, and the developers familiar with similar languages are able to quickly turn to C#.

Applicable equipment:

  • myCobot 280

    • myCobot 280 M5
    • myCobot 280 for Arduino
  • myCobot 320

    • myCobot 320 M5

Preconditions for use:

  • M5 series version, the bottom M5Stack-basic is programmed to miniRobot , select the Transponder function, and the end ATOM is programmed to the latest version of atomMain (the factory default has been programmed)

Programming development

Some integrated development environments (IDE)

Visual Studio (Visual C#)

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