What is UIFlow?

       UIFlow is a programming tool specially designed by M5Stack for M5 hardware system, which uses Blockly graphical programming and Python code programming. It not only provides programming learners with friendly programming experience, but also delivers more professional and crucial programming knowledge.

Applicable equipment

  • myCobot 280
    • myCobot 280 M5
  • myCobot 320
    • myCobot 320 M5
  • myPalletizer 260
  • mechArm 270
    • mechArm 270-M5
    • mechArm 270 PI

Preconditions for use

  • M5 series version, the bottom M5Stack-basic is programmed to miniRobot , select the Transponder function, and the end ATOM is programmed to the latest version of atomMain (the factory default has been programmed)

Installation and use of UIFlow

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