myArm Master 750

Universal Intelligent Six Degree of Freedom Robotic Arm

Core Document

This document contains comprehensive information ranging from product introduction, detailed technical specifications to user instructions and initial installation guidance. We delve into the fundamental functionalities of the myArm M750 robotic arm, provide software development guidelines, and showcase successful application cases to help you understand how to effectively integrate the myArm M750 into various applications. Additionally, we offer rich support and service information to ensure you receive necessary assistance when encountering any technical challenges.


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Document Overview

Based on your needs and the professional level of myArm M750 application development, you can choose to follow this sequence from start to finish or use it as an independent reference. You can navigate to any section using the sidebar navigation on the left at any time. The document is divided into the following five major sections:

Product Information

The Product Information section provides you with a basic overview of the robotic arm, including design intent, key features, and application scenarios, helping you quickly understand the basic characteristics and usage environment of the product. Additionally, this section will detail application examples and supported extension development, providing you with necessary development guidelines and resources. Relevant purchase links and channels will be provided at the end for your convenience.

Product Parameters

The Product Parameters section will showcase detailed technical specifications including machine specifications, control core parameters, structural dimensions, and electrical characteristics, which are crucial for understanding the technical standards and performance indicators of the product. Additionally, Cartesian coordinate system information regarding the robotic arm's working range and precision will be provided as a reference for users who require precise operations.

Features and Applications

The Features and Applications section elaborates on the basic functionalities of the robotic arm and software usage methods, including system usage instructions and firmware functionalities. The software development guide provides guidance based on different development environments such as Python and ROS, supporting technical developers in application extensions. By showcasing successful application cases and providing supporting resources, we aim to offer practical references and necessary support materials for you to better understand and utilize the product.

Support and Services

The Support and Services section will provide you with comprehensive troubleshooting guides and post-purchase service information such as warranty and service terms, helping you quickly resolve issues and ensuring you understand your rights and obligations after purchase. Additionally, the 'About Us' section enhances users' understanding of the design and manufacturer of the myArm series products, aiming to build trust and brand loyalty.


We greatly appreciate your time spent reading the myArm M750 user manual. We hope this document will help you better understand and effectively use this robot, inspiring your creativity. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact our customer support team. We look forward to seeing you use the myArm M750 for innovative projects and welcome you to join our rapidly growing developer community.

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