Questions about the Structure

Q1: What are the maximum angle of Joint 1 and Joint 5 of myCobot?

A1: The maximum angle of Joint 1 and Joint 5 are 160° both clockwise and anticlockwise. Remember to rotate the joints gently. Do not force a rotation when the joint reach its maximum angle.

Q2: What controls the six steering engine?

A2: They are controlled by Atom at the top of the robot.

Q3: What functions Atom performs?

A3: It serves to control the robot by algorithm, such as forward, inverse kinematics and coordinate switching. Atom is temporarily not open-sourced.

Questions about the Communication

Q1: Why the screen has no display although the robotic arm has been connected with HDMI cable? Does it need to download a port driver?

A1: Check whether the connection is correct and the power has been turned on. Try to use another interface and plunge into the interface stably. There is no need to download a port driver.

Q2: What are the versions of communication interface supported by different robotic arms?

A2: The robotic arms of micro-processor supports TCP communication, and the robotic arms of micro-controller supports USB-port communication.

Q3: How much is the frequency of the communication of robotic arm?

A3: 10-20Hz.

Questions about Parameters

Q1: What's the unit of measurement of the speed of robotic arm?

A2: 180°/s.

Solutions to Hardware Problems

  1. How to deal with the shaking of robotic arms?

    Step 1: Burn the latest version of ATOM via myStudio.

    Step 2: Upgrade pymycobot. Click on Win+R, and type cmd to enter in the terminal. Type pip install pymycobot --upgrade --user and then click on Enter.

    Step 3: Go to GitHub to download Reset each parameter of the steering engine according to the prompt message. And then, operate the system again.

    Notice: The parameters of each version of robot are different. Set the parameters according to the data given in the pictures below.

Questions about Gripper & End

Q1: Can the gripper close completely?

A1: Due to the thickness of the gripper, it cannot close completely. You resort to a shim to make it completely closed.

Q2: What is the kind of communication of adaptive gripper?

A2: It is TTL communication.

Q3: What is the communication of the end of myCobot 320?

A3: 485 communication interface.

Q4: How to fix a camera at the end of a robotic arm?

A4: A flange is required to fix a camera.

Other Questions

Q1: Why the electric engine powers off during usage?

A1: Because the engine is too hot to be used. Please wait for a few minutes and reuse again.

Q2: Does the robotic arms support the development based on Android?

A2: We doesn't support Android development. If you want to develop it by yourself, we can provide you with port protocol.

Q3:What is the function of the USB carried by the PI version?

A3: It serves to charge the robotic arm.

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