Introduction of RoboFlow Operating System

The RoboFlow operating system is a system used for the cobots produced by Elephant Robotics. It provides man-machine interfaces (with coordinate control, angle control, IO control, track recording, gripper control and other functions) to make it easy for the operator to interact with the the cobot and to use them properly. Namely, when the user is using the cobot, most of the time such use is done by using the RoboFlow operating system.

Fox example, because the RoboFlow operating system runs in a teaching pendant, the user may use the pendant to control the cobot manually, do programming and perform other operations. The user also can use the operating system (OS) to realize the communication between the cobot system and other robots or devices. In one word, with friendly interfaces, rich functions and other advantages, the RoboFlow operating system makes it easier for the user to use the cobot, thus making each user become a robot commander.

Applicable equipment:

  • myCobot PRO 600

For detailed instructions, please check Pro 600 development environment and construction

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