Mirroring Burning

Mirroring is used to install and repair softwares and backup operating systems. If you have downloaded image, can check 1.2 Steps to Flash.

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Product Version Link SHA256 Hash
AI Kit 280 ubuntu 18.04 Download d44439be351a52decdb4470cb623a032047e223ffce73477d29aa973bb9100e1
myCobot 280 PI ubuntu 18.04 Download 04e40af5b637ec003a8b23ef9012e353361fd336db4e17cf9a65feb75e92927e
ubuntu 20.04 Download ce666e6c1047c512fe6b270336d472e48f231be12808729ed57f743f9d284397
myCobot 280 JetsonNano ubuntu 18.04 Download 2f1e40c1480b077bcc83abd3b79ac175f25d21e9cc344a014636167ee2eb087c
myCobot 320 PI ubuntu 18.04 Download bc2ed6ef8d51a885f45379392b71e35420638a427d5b4b3a3c9d1803d7e589eb
ubuntu 20.04 Download c95633bfd49246254f2be4783c6a91a15212422219157962c93125092aff6b34
mechArm 270 ubuntu 18.04 Download 9af1fcbf9c608eda269dc395a8d68ea0a270008a88ec8ec3cf97758371a11178
Mirror Known Issues moveit function abnormal Solution:
Execute moveit and the following prompt will appear, indicating that no permission has been granted:
Enter the path shown in the figure and give the py file executable permission. ​
Execute moveit and the following prompt will appear, indicating that the encoding format in the code is wrong:
Enter the path shown in the figure, open the py file and enter at the top: #coding=utf8 and save it
myPalletizer 260 ubuntu 18.04 Download f6fe999519146428e4c60960b242f647ae5c73c704852d686b28580b3a3f695d
ubuntu 20.04 - -
myCobot Pro 600 Raspberry Debian Download 6214baba79d9afa1f9036997c31fe2a2f687e7899792b8cb1e2e80e5aa0af786
myBuddy 280 ubuntu 20.04 Download 2b5452f665bcb999faf1727b2103dc1e5745705f5706728e140d62906b099920
myAGV ubuntu 18.04 Download bedad7d9769cb69380c6a4b9742ba7aefc21db41ab239172b7a5a7b632453baa
myAGV 2023 Piubuntu 20.04点击下载
myAGV 2023 JNubuntu 20.04点击下载
marsCat - - -

1.2 Steps to Flash

Step 1: Unzip the package and a file of image style appears.

Step 2: Download Win32DiskImager.

Go to Win32DiskImager to download.

Step 3: Remove SD card from the pedestal, and then insert the SD card into PC.

Step 4: Open Win32DiskImager.

Step 5: Select the software and device (E disc) and then write the software into PC.

Step 6: Successfully processed.

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