Artificial intelligence (AI) package


1 Product Introduction

myCobot AI package is an entry-level AI package integrating vision, positioned gripping and automatic sorting modules. This package is based on a Linux system; a one-to-one stimulation model can be built using ROS; a development software can be used to control the robot arm; it is easy to learn (The user can learn the basic knowledge of AI quickly); it enlightens the user\'s creative thinking to make him understand the open source innovation culture.

With good expansibility and high openness, the package can be used for multiple applications. It can be easily used for the practice platforms of colleges, robotics building, robot laboratories and personal study.

2 Product Performance

  • eye_in_hand

    • Detection and tracking of aruco codes: positioning and calibration of the camera, and automatic gripping
  • eye_to_hand

    • Color and image recognition: The user can use the robot arm to complete gripping and automatic sorting by applying deep learning algorithms.

3 Product Parameters

3.1 Flange module

Indicator Parameter
Name End flange
Dimension 80x40x20mm
Weight 60g
Material Photosensitive resin
Process Spray paint

3.2 Vision module

Indicator Parameter
Name USB distortionless lens
Dimension 18X18X20mm
Maximum pixel 1 million 1280X720
Supports image format YUV、MJPEG
Pixel dimension 3.4umX3.4um
Maximum frame rate 1280x720 @ 25fps
USB protocol USB2.0 HS/FS
Applicable resolution 1280X720,640X480,320X240
Power supply DC5V 90mA
Lens focal length Standard configuration 1.7mm
Angle of field of view About 60°
Applicable system Win7/8/10、Linux、MAC

4 Product Frame

  • Hardware composition:

    • Robot arm
    • Fixed base
    • Adsorption pump
    • Camera
    • Identifiable module
  • Software composition:

    • Gripping module
    • Image recognition module
    • Sorting module

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