myCobot 320


320mm:means the effective working radius of the robot arm.

1 Product Introduction

myCobot 320 is an advanced version of myCobot 280. It also has two versions:M5 and PI. It is mainly suitable for makers and scientific researchers.It is elaborately designed in the whole and adopts all-in-one design. As the Elephant Robotics\'s first robotarm with a price at ten thousand yuan level, it has three advantages of usability, safety and economy, so it is a cost-effective product.


2 Product Contrast

  • M5 version: The body is equipped with two display screens.

    • I/O ports: 6IN 6OUT
    • The base uses M5STACK Basic as the main control, and the end uses M5STACK Atom as the secondary control.
    • It supports thousands of application ecologies of M5, which is convenient for expanding application interaction output.
  • Pi version: This version has an embedded Raspberry Pi ecology, which provides unlimited development possibilities.

    • I/O ports: 6IN 6OUT
    • Raspberry Pi 4B; 1.5GHz quad-core microprocessor; running with Debian/Ubuntu platform.
    • Supports 4-way USB, 2-way HDMI, standardized GPIO interface, and a pluggable TF card.

For details, see Chapter 320 M5 and Chapter 320 Pi.

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