Starting drag teaching (for micro-controller devices)

1 Applicable devices

  • myCobot 280-M5
  • myCobot 320-M5
  • myPalletizer 260-M5
  • mechArm 270-M5

2 Operation steps

  • Burn the latest version of atomMain for Atom.

  • Burn minirobot for Basic, and choose Maincontrol function.

  • Press the record button Record

  • Select a storage path, and press Ram/Flash.

  • You can directly drag the joints of the robot arm to move them to desired positions to complete a set of movements.
  • Press any key to stop recording, and save the record.

  • Press the play button Play.

  • Select the corresponding storage path, and press Ram/Flash. And then the robot arm starts playing the saved record.

  • Pressing Pause can pause the movement, pressing Stop can stop the movement, and pressing Play can return the movement.

3 Video Tutorial

Video tutorial address:

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