1. What is myblockly?

myblockly is a fully visual modular programming software, belongs to the graphical programming language. myblockly is similar in function/design to Scratch, MIT's children's programming language. With myblockly, users can build code logic by dragging and dropping modules, much like building blocks. From a user perspective, myblockly is an easy-to-use visual tool for generating code. From the developer's point of view, myblockly is a text box containing the user-typed code. The process of generating the code to the text box is the process of the user dragging and dropping in the myblockly.

myblockly installation

myblockly interface


download myblockly No download link, later online to supplement

applicable equipment:

  • mybuddy 280

Use the premise

  • Pi version needs to be added
  • Configure the Python environment and install the latest pymycobot library

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