What is Arduino?

Arduino is an easy-to-use open source electronic prototype platform that includes hardware (various Arduino-compliant development boards) and software (Arduino IDE and related development pakages).
The hardware (or called development board) consists of a microcontroller (MCU), flash memory (Flash), and a set of general-purpose input/output interfaces (GPIO), etc. You can understand it as a microcomputer motherboard.
The software is mainly composed of Arduino IDE on the PC side, related board support packages (BSP) and rich third-party function libraries. Using Arduino IDE, users may easily download the BSP related to the development board you have and the required function library for writing your program.

Applicable equipment:

  • myCobot 280
    • myCobot 280 M5
    • myCobot 280 for Arduino
  • myCobot 320
    • myCobot 320 M5
  • myPalletizer 260
    • myPalletizer 260 M5
  • mechArm 270
    • mechArm 270 M5

Preconditions for use

  • M5 series version, the bottom M5Stack-basic is programmed to miniRobot , select the Transponder function, and the end ATOM is programmed to the latest version of atomMain (the factory default has been programmed)

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