Starting robot arm calibration (for micro-controller devices)

1 Applicable devices

  • myCobot 280-M5
  • myCobot 320-M5
  • myPalletizer 260-M5
  • mechArm 270-M5

2 Operation steps

  • Burn the latest version of atomMain for Atom.

  • Burn the minirobot for Basic, and choose the Calibration function.

  • Press the key A to start robot arm calibration.

- First drag the robot arm to make the number 1 joint reach the zero position (align it with the scale line of the zero position).

- Follow the motor numbers (1-6) shown on the screen to draw the robot arm so as to make each point reach the zero position (align them with the scale line of the zero positions).

 - Press **NEXT** successively to enter motor calibration until **Already Calibrate all !!** is displayed. At this point, the calibration is completed.


- Press **EXIT** to exit calibration.
  • Press the key B to test the zero positions of all joints.

  • Press the key C to exit this function.

3 Video Tutorial

Video tutorial address:

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