1 Product Performance

  • Easy operation and open source

    • The user can learn the operation of the product in a short time using drag teaching and myblockly simple visual programming.

    • Support ROS/MOVEIT and other development systems and the myBuddy APP operating software independently developed by Elephant Robotics.

  • Affordable and cost-effective

    • Affordable robotic arm,effectively reducing costs and increasing efficiency for scientific research that requires high performance & low cost.

    • Individual developers with accessories can do creative development to meet a variety of scenarios.

  • Powerful performance, equipped with 13 high-performance servo servos

    • Using 13 high-performance brushless DC servos, it can achieve a repeatable positioning accuracy of ±0.5mm.

    • Excellent algorithm control in the industry, the fastest command response speed can reach 30ms.

  • Super perfect python control interface

    • Provide 100+ control interfaces, which can be applied to secondary application development or self-interference algorithm research.

    • Open joint angle and speed control interface, open robot coordinate control interface, make the control more simple and easy to use.

  • Supports separate control of left and right arms and waist, making the control freer.
  • Provide programming sample programs, which can quickly implement scene applications.
  • 7" interactive display

    • Standard seven-inch interactive display, which can be used for image display, touch control.

    • Built-in 20+ dynamic expressions, ready to use.

    • The use of high-strength wear-resistant surface layer improves the service life of the touch screen.

  • Built-in camera and driver library

    • Built-in two 2 million pixel cameras, support up to 1080P image capture.

    • Built-in OpenCV development environment for direct visual development

    • Provide visual identity development cases to make development easier.
  • Integrated design, safe collaborative operation

    • The ingenious structural design makes it possible to make full use of the space and perfectly integrate into the actual environment.

    • Integrated industrial design ID, rounded corner design of the whole machine, safer and more beautiful.

    • It has anti-collision detection function so that it can work with people safely.

2 Product Parameters

Indicator Parameter
Name myBuddy
Model 280
CPU Broadcom BCM2711,64bit 1.5GHz 4 core
Running Memory 4GB
Memory Card 32GB
Effective working radius L-ARM 280mm & R-ARM 280mm
Load L-ARM 250g & R-ARM 250g
Effective arms span 280mm
Repeated positioning precision ±0.5mm
Dead weight 3kg
Power input 24V,9.2A
Operational environment 0°~45°
Interface Grove & USB & RJ45 & 3.3V IO & HDMI


3 Application Scenarios

​ myBuddy 280 is a productivity tool as well as a tool to expand the imagination, with a variety of end-effectors adapted to a variety of application scenarios, such as scientific research, educational scenarios, display scenarios, etc., so far the customer feedback is excellent.

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