myCobot 280

280mm refers to the effective working radius of the robotic arm

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myCobot 280 series is the world's smallest and lightest six-axis collaborative robot. Although it is small in size, it boasts multiple interactive functions between softwares and hardwares and expensive interface compatible with various devices. It supports further development on many platforms to meet users' demands under different circumstances.

myCobot 280 series has 4 versions:M5, Pi, Arduino and JN version.


  • myCobot 280 for M5 is jointly produced by Elephant Robotics and Shenzhen Mingzhan Technology Co., Ltd. - M5STACK. It is the first robotic arm of myCobot series made for sale. It adopts Esp32 as its core processor, and applies two screens and several physical buttons so that it can be used on a table-sized ground. Deeply integrated with M5 expensive ecosystem, users are able to control robots via UIFlow, Python, Arduin in accordance with tutorial provided on our official website.


  • myCobot 280 for Pi is a joint product developed by Elephant Robotics and Raspberry Pi. Adopting the RaspBerry PI 4B as its core processor, and reserving the origin hardware interface of RaspBerry PI 4B, the robotic arm meets the application needs of Linux system with one-in-all structure for portable robot development. Featuring built-in Ubuntu 18.04. system as well as development environments like Python, ROS and myBlockly, it can be developed after connecting with displayer without matching with PC. It is an industrial robot of real meaning.


  • myCobot 280 Jetson Nano is a joint product developed by Elephant Robotics and NVIDIA Jetson Nano. It is designed for image and visual processing and greater performance of the integrated robot processor. Based on the premise of guaranteeing industrial design, NVIDIA JetsonNano kit is integrated as small as possible, and the origin hardware interface of Nano is also reserved. With built-in development environments like ROS, Python and myBlockly provided by our company, it is the product of greatest performance of 280 series and one of the core products developed for robotic and intelligent education ecology.


  • myCobot 280 for Arduino is a joint product developed by Elephant Robotics and Arduino. It is an extendable robotic arm that provides standardized serial port and can be extended into various types. Users can download the official driver library provided by our company to apply any specifications and models of Arduino extensions Development board for further development without migrating the main control platform.

2 Comparison of Different Versions

  • M5—equipped with two screens and several physical buttons

    • I/O port:20

    • M5Stack-basic works as the main control on pedestal , and M5STACK Atom works as the secondary control on the end.

    • It supports thousands of application ecosystems of M5, which is convenient for expanding application interaction output.

  • Pi—built-in Raspberry Pi ecology and unlimited development possibilities

    • I/O port:40

    • Raspberry Pi 4B, 1.5GHz quad-core microprocessor and Debian/Ubuntu platform

    • It supports 4-way USB, 2-way HDMI, standardized GPIO interface and pluggable TF card.

  • Jetson Nano—great performance, both visual and

    • I/O port:40

    • NVIDIA JetsonNano kit core processor, providing visual rendering GPU, supporting the image recognition and processing environment officially provided by NVIDIA, following the official NVIDIA tutorial, you can start image recognition development

    • Support 3-way USB, 1-way HDMI, standardized GPIO interface.

  • Arduino version--expandable Arduino various development boards

    • I/O port:6

    • The base supports the expansion of most types of Arduino development boards, such as: Arduino UNO\MEGA\MKR, etc.

    • Support Arduino official development environment, provide official tutorials and driver libraries

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