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myCobot 280 ARDUINO is developed based on the mycobot-280 series with M5STACK-ATOM ESP32 as the core controller. As an entry-level robot, it can be connected with cable coupling, and developed via ARDUINO MKRWIFI1010\MEGA2560\UNO without code transferring.

myCobot weights 780g with a payload of 250g and an effective working radius of 280mm. Although it is small-sized, it boasts multiple functions. It not only works various types of end effectors to conform to different applications, but also supports secondary development based on multi-platform softwares to meet the needs of scientific research, education, smart home, business exploration, etc.

2 Performance

Unique industrial design and a compact structure

  • With an integrated design, it has a compact structure, weighting only 780g, which makes it portable.
  • Featuring a modular design and a concise shape, it is convenient to detach or change components so as to lower maintenance cost.
  • It can begin to work the moment plugged in.

Powerful performance making development more user-friendly

  • With 6 built-in servo motors, the product responds quickly and rotates smoothly due to little inertia

  • It can be connected to serial cable control, and can also be extended with various types of development versions such as ARDUINO MKRWIFI1010 \ MEGA2560 \ UNO, without code transferring

LEGO connector and multiple application ecology of M5

  • With M5Stack-basic as the main control on pedestal, it meets various types of application.
  • LEGO interfaces on the pedestal and end enable the development of micro embedded devices.

Supporting graphical programming and industrial robotic software

  • Adopting myBlockly, a visual programming software to ensure free and easy programming.
  • Supporting Arduino + ROS open-source system.

Supporting record of tracks and coordinate

  • Supporting drag teaching and recorded paths saving.
  • Different paths up to 60 minus can be saved by new model instead of traditional model.

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