myCobot-280 for Arduino


1 Product Introduction

​ mycobot – 280 for ARDUINO manipulator is developed based on the mycobot-280 collaborative manipulator series and uses the M5STACK-ATOM ESP32 core controller. It is an entry-level product for Elephant Robots. You can start extension development with a simple link without migrating code.

​ myCobot has a self-weight of 780g, a payload of 250g, and an effective working radius of 280mm; it is small in size but powerful in function. It can be used with a variety of end effectors to adapt to various application scenarios, and can also support the secondary development of multi-platform software to meet the needs of Research and education, smart home, business exploration and other scene needs.

2 Product performance

  • Unique industrial design, extremely compact

    • Integrated design, the overall body structure is compact, and the net weight is only 780g, which is very easy to carry.

    • Modular design, less spare parts, low maintenance cost, quick disassembly and replacement, and plug and play.

  • High configuration, convenient development

    • Contains 6 high-performance servo motors, with fast response, small inertia and smooth rotation.

    • It can be connected to serial cable control, and can also be extended with various types of development versions such as ARDUINO MKRWIFI1010 \ MEGA2560 \ UNO, without migrating code, just a simple link to start expansion development.

  • Lego connector, M5 thousands of application ecology

    • The base uses the M5 stack Basic as the main control, and thousands of application cases can be used directly.

    • The base and the end are equipped with LEGO components, which are suitable for the development of various miniature embedded devices.

  • Graphical programming to support industrial robot software

    • Using myBlockly visual programming software, you can program freely in the palm of your hand, and the operation is simple and easy to use.

    • Supports Arduino + ROS open source system.

  • Track entry, point save

    • myCobot supports drag teaching and can record the saved path.

    • Get rid of the traditional path point saving mode, which can save up to 60mins of different paths.

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