1 Product Introduction

This product is the universal mobile paltform for all my-series robot arms, and is produced independently by Elephant Robotics. It uses myCobot as its robot arm and is equipped with a camera of eye_in_hand design. myAGV uses Mecanum wheel, laser radar, and high-precision camera. Control method: autonomous navigation, handle control, keyboard control, etc.

2 Product Parameters

Indicator Parameter
Model myAGV
Dimension 300x205x145mm
Weight 3.02kg
Tyre type McEnham wheel
Motor type Encoder with Motor
Motor maximum speed 220RPM/min
Trolley moving speed 0.9m/s
Laser radar 360°Lidar
Recognition range 8m
Built-in controller Pi 4b
Built-in camera 500W
Charging voltage 24V 1A

3 Pin Description


4 Product Performance

  • Omni-directional wheel trolley: four Mecanum wheels, and full wrapping design;

  • Navigation and mapping with SLAM laser radar: real-time movement and mapping; autonomous navigation;

  • Built-in camera: object recognition and precise positioning;

  • The smallest hybrid robot: can be equipped with up to 2 myCobot robot arms and peripheral actuators;

  • Hand-eye calibration: myCobot can perform precise positioning and calibration of the camera, and capture images in a wide range;

  • Multiple teaching systems: supports ROS simulation; moveIt all open source; and have multiple interfaces: Raspberry Pi, arduino, python, C++;

  • Multiple use methods: multi-machine collaboration, multiple control methods, and real-time motion of multiple robots.

5 Application Scenarios

  • Mapping and navigation with slam laser radar

  • Eye-in-hand recognition and grasping; different end effectors are used.

  • Automatic driving

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