Electrical Interface

1 base electrical interface

1.1 Base Introduction

The dock front connector and buttons are shown in Figure 1:


Figure 1-1 Front of the base

1.2 Chassis interface description

  • Note: 14Pin function IO interface 1 is a 2.54mm DuPont interface, external can use 2.54mm DuPont line; function IO interface 2 and function IO interface 3 using Grove interface, as shown in Figure 1-2, 1-3:


Figure 1-2 Functional IO interface 2


Figure 1-3 Functional IO interface 3

  • A. For example, Table 1-1 defines the functions of IO interface 1.
The label name Signal name function remark
3V3 3V3 3.3V power supply
GND GND Motherboard power signal ground
G17 G17 3.3V-OUT-PNP output/3.3V-INT input
G18 G18 3.3V-OUT-PNP output/3.3V-INT input
G27 G27 3.3V-OUT-PNP output/3.3V-INT input
G23 G23 3.3V-OUT-PNP output/3.3V-INT input
G22 G22 3.3V-OUT-PNP output/3.3V-INT input
G24 G24 3.3V-OUT-PNP output/3.3V-INT input
G10 G10 3.3V-OUT-PNP output/3.3V-INT input
G25 G25 3.3V-OUT-PNP output/3.3V-INT input
G9 G9 3.3V-OUT-PNP output/3.3V-INT input
G8 G8 3.3V-OUT-PNP output/3.3V-INT input
G11 G11 3.3V-OUT-PNP output/3.3V-INT input
G7 G7 3.3V-OUT-PNP output/3.3V-INT input

Table 1-1 IO Interface 1 Feature Table

  • B. As Shown in Table 1-2, the definitions of each interface of functional IO interface 2 and functional IO interface 3 are defined.
The label name Signal name function remark
GND GND Motherboard power signal ground
5V 5V 5V power supply
G2 G2 3.3V-OUT-PNP output/3.3V-INT input
G3 G3 3.3V-OUT-PNP output/3.3V-INT input
GND GND Motherboard power signal ground
5V 5V 5V power supply
G5 G5 3.3V-OUT-PNP output/3.3V-INT input
G6 G6 3.3V-OUT-PNP output/3.3V-INT input

Table 1-2 IO interface 2/3 function table

Note: The other function tables about the functional interface are shown in Figure 1-4, and the IO function is not available with other functions:


Figure 1-4

  • C. Power interface: DC power supply 24V, 9.2A.

  • D. Power button: with self-locking button, press on, the whole machine is powered on; Press Disconnect again, the whole machine is powered off.

  • E. Screen toggle button: Toggles the internal screen from the external screen display.

  • F. Screen switching indicator: When switching to external screen display, the green light is on; When switching to the internal screen display, the light is not lit.

  • G. HDMI external interface: (as shown in figure 1-5)This interface is an HDMI type A interface, the user can connect the HDMI display interface to display the operation page to other device terminals, press the screen toggle button can be used.


Figure 1-5 HDMI interface

  • H. External USB interface: (as shown in figure 1-6)serial port bus standard 2.0 interface for data connection; The USB port is used to copy program files and connect peripherals such as mouse and keyboard.


Figure 1-6 Defining USB ports

  • I. Network port: (as shown in figure 1-7)ports for network data connection. Ethernet interfaces can be used for communication between a PC and a robot system or for Ethernet communication with other devices.


Figure 1-7 Network interface definition

2 robotic arm end electrical interface

Note: The electrical interface at the end of the mybuddy left and right arms is the same.

2.1 Introduction to the end of the robotic arm

  • A. The side interface at the end of the picker is illustrated as shown in Figures 2-1 and 2-2:


Figure 2-1 Side view of the end of the manipulator


Figure 2-2 Side view of the end of the manipulator

2.2 Description of terminal electrical ports

A. Figure 2-3 shows the definition of each interface in a function interface group.

Tag name Signal name Function Note
5V0 5V0 Power supply, DC5V
GND GND Motherboard power signal ground
3V3 3V3 DC3.3 V power supply
22 GPIO22 3.3 V-out-PNP output /3.3 V-int input
19 GPIO19 3.3 V-out-PNP output /3.3 V-int input
23 GPIO23 3.3 V-out-PNP output /3.3 V-int input
33 GPIO33 3.3 V-out-PNP output /3.3 V-int input

Figure 2-3 Functional interface group

B. Type C interface: used to communicate with PC and update firmware.

C. Grove interface 4: Figure 2-4 shows the definition of Grove interface 4


Figure 2-4 Grove port 4

D. Steering gear interface: used for expanding the end of the gripper, currently supporting the use of adaptive gripper.

E. Atom: For 5X5 RGB LED (G27) display and button function (G39)

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