Hardware Problem

1 About the structure

Q: How to solve the problem of myCobot shaking?

  • A: First burn the latest version of atommain firmware. Then update the pymycobot version and use pip to update pymycobot. Finally run the change_PID.py file.

Q: What is the limit of myCobot's joints?

  • A: One joint and five joints are limited, and one joint can be rotated about 160° clockwise and 160° counterclockwise. Five joints can be rotated about 160° clockwise and counterclockwise.

    Note: When turning the myCobot, it should be turned at a small angle and gently. After reaching the limit, it should not be forced to continue to turn.

Q: What are the six servos controlled by?

  • A: The servo is controlled by the atom at the top.

Q: What is the role of atom in the myCobot?

  • A: Atom mainly controls the kinematics algorithm of the manipulator in the myCobot: including forward and inverse kinematics, selection, acceleration and deceleration, speed synchronization, multiple interpolation, coordinate transformation, etc., real-time control and multi-threading required, etc. . The related programs of atom are not open source for the time being.

Q: Why does the microprocessor-based myCobot connect to the HDMI interface but the display does not display? Do I need to download the serial port driver?

  • A: Check if the wiring is correct and if the power switch is turned on. Try changing the HDMI port, there are two HDMI ports on the myCobot. The interface part should be firmly inserted. No need to download serial drivers.

Q: What communication interfaces do myCobots of different versions support?

  • A: Microprocessor-based myCobots support socket communication TCP; microcontroller-based myCobots can communicate via USB to serial port.

Q: Why is the servo powered off during use?

  • A: Servo overheating protection for a long time. This phenomenon is normal, and you can continue to use it after waiting for a few minutes.

Q: Does the myCobot support Android development?

  • A: We do not have a direct Android development environment for the time being. You need to develop it yourself. We provide a serial port protocol, and the serial port can be developed for the second time.

Q: What is the function of the USB port that comes with the Raspberry Pi?

  • A: The Raspberry Pi 4B comes with a USB socket, which can supply power to the Raspberry Pi, and has no other special functions for the time being.

2 About parameters

Q: What is the speed unit of the myCobot?

  • A: The running speed is 180 degrees/second.

Q: What is the communication frequency of mycobot280-M5?

  • A:10-20Hz。

3 About end grippers

Q: Can the adaptive gripper be fully closed?

  • A: There will be a certain gap between the adaptive gripper, which is not completely closed. You can adjust it by increasing the thickness of the spacer between them.

Q: What is the communication of mycobot280 adaptive gripper?

  • A: Mycobot280 adaptive gripper is ttl communication.

Q: What communication does mycobot320 provide at the end?

  • A: The end of mycobot320 provides 485 communication interface.

Q: How to fix the USB camera to the end of the myCobot?

  • A: It needs to be fixed with a flange, and you can purchase it yourself.

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