Software Problem

Q: Why can't my compiler find the corresponding device?

  • A: You need to build a development environment and install the corresponding project library before you can develop the device.

1 About mystudio

Q: What is mystudio?

  • A: It is the firmware burner.

Q: Why can't the device run normally after I burn the firmware to the ATOM terminal?

  • A: The firmware of the ATOM terminal needs to use our factory firmware. Other unofficial firmware cannot be changed during use. If the device accidentally burns other firmware, you can use the "myCobot firmware burner" to select the ATOM terminal - select the serial port - select the ATOMMAIN firmware for ATOM terminal for burning.

Q: Can the drag teaching in the minirobot firmware control the gripper?

  • A: It is achievable.

Q: Why can't drag teaching after the minirobot firmware is burned?

  • A: First, check whether the basic firmware and atom firmware have been burned, whether the burned firmware corresponds to the requirements to be realized, and whether the burned firmware is the latest version. The bottom basic burns the minirobot, and the top atom burns the atommain.

Q: What should I do if myCobot's serial port is not recognized on mystudio?

  • A: If your computer equipment does not prompt for the connected myCobot, please install the serial port driver first.

Q: Can the track recorded by drag teaching be saved to the card?

  • A: Currently it cannot be saved to the memory card. And drag teaching can only save one path at a time, and the next recording will overwrite the previous action.

2 About Roboflow

Q: Can robotstudio software be used for programming?

  • A: Our own industrial programming software roboflow can be used. RobotStudio is owned by ABB.

Q: What is the reason for the Quickmove of the roboflow software beyond the limit?

  • A: It may be that a joint or multiple joints exceed the limit.

Q: How does roboflow load the already written program?

  • A: After logging in, select program robot and click load program. Directly clicking run program cannot be used, only pro600 can.

Q: When the pro600 uses roboflow, the log shows that 456 joints are stopped. Is this normal?

  • A: This is normal.

    3 About mycobot phone controller

Q: What version of firmware should myCobot phone controller app be programmed with?

  • A: You need to burn the atom firmware version atommain 2.5 in mystudio.

4 About myblockly

Q: Why does a pop-up box always appear when myblockly is running?

  • A: Before running the myblockly program, close the serial port occupation.

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