myCobot 320 for M5 2022


1 Profile

Updated from myCobot 280, myCobot 320 M5 is mainly developed for to assist users in program-editing. With delicate structure and all-in-one design, myCobot 320 has a maximum arm stretch of 350 mm, maximum load of 1 kg and repeated positioning precision of ±0.5mm.

myCobot 320 for M5 weights 3kg with a load of 1kg and working radius of 320mm. The small-sized product is endowed with powerful functions and is characterized by easy operation, ability to work with human safely.

2 Parameters

Indicator Parameter
Name Baby elephant collaborative robot arm
Model M5
Effective working radius 350mm
Load 1kg
Effective arms span 350mm
Repeated positioning precision ±0.5mm
Weight 3kg
Power input 24V,9.2A
Operational environment 0°~45°
Communications USB Type-C
Base IO IN1,IN2,IN3,IN4,IN5,IN6
Tool side IO OUT1,OUT2,OUT3,OUT4,OUT5,OUT6


3 Features

  • Easy to operate and open-source

    • Users can operate the robot via myBlockly and dragging teaching easily after quick-start learning.
    • It supports the development systems, such as ROS and moveIt.
  • Economical and cost-effective

    • It adopts a standardized 8-hour working system so as to replace human in doing repetitive and standard jobs.
    • Worth over 10,000 RMB, it reduces costs and synergizes efforts for high-efficiency scientific research.
  • Powerful performance and equipped with two screens

    • It adopts a brushless DC servo so as to realize repeated positioning precision of ±0.5mm.
    • The body is equipped with two screens and supports M5 ecological applications, effectively expanding coordinative application.
  • On-in-all design and safe collaborative work

    • With delicate structure, it optimizes space and integrates with application in a coordinated way.
    • It also has kinematics self-interference detection, which can effectively avoid motion collisions.

4 Application

myCobot 320 M5 is not only a tool for production but also a tool to expand imagination boundary. It means it can work with multiple types of end effectors to adapt to a variety of application, such as scientific research, education and function showing, etc. The user experience is excellent.

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