myCobot 280-Pi


1 Product Introduction

myCobot-Pi six-axis cobot is a multi-functional, lightweight and intelligent robot arm elaborately developed by Elephant Robot, and it belongs to the \"myCobot\" series of products. It uses a Raspberry Pi microprocessor and is one of Elephant Robotics\'s core products oriented to robots and AI education ecology.

This cobot has a weight of 850g, a payload of 250g, and an arm span of 280mm. It is small in size but powerful in function. It is provided with multiple software and hardware interaction methods and diversified compatible expansion interfaces. It supports multi-platform redevelopment and can effectively help users achieve multi-scenario application development.

2 Product Performance

  • Embedded Raspberry Pi ecology providing unlimited development possibilities

    • Raspberry Pi 4B, 1.5GHz quad-core microprocessor, running with Debian/Ubuntu platform.

    • Supports 4-way USB, 2-way HDMI, standardized GPIO interface, and a pluggable TF card.

  • Provided with ROS, and graphical programming Blockly

    • The built-in ROS simulates the running state of the robot arm, with super expansibility.

    • Blockly visual programming; supporting general Python software interface.

  • Image recognition, rich accessories and wide application

    • Provided with image recognition algorithms; any camera can be selected.

    • Equipped with different accessories such as monitor and gripper sucking pump to achieve more application scenarios.

  • Unique industrial design and extremely compact

    • With integrated design, the product has a compact body structure and the net weight is only 860g, so it is very easy to carry.

    • Using a modular design, the product is characterized by less spare parts, low maintenance cost, quick disassembly and replacement, and plug-and- play.

  • High configuration and being equipped with LEGO interface

    • Being equipped with 6 high-performance servo motors, the product features fast response, small inertia and smooth rotation.

    • Being equipped with LEGO interfaces, the base and end are suitable for the development of various miniature embedded devices.

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