Updating myStudio firmwares

1 Burning Basic and Atom firmwares

1.1 Burning Basic firmware

  • The way for collecting Basic with PC is shown in the figure below


  • Firstly connect the Basic development board with USB, and then the connection window of myStudio will display the connected development board. Select it and click "Connect"


  • Then there are Basic-related firmwares in Basic and tool. Select the firmware to be burnt and then click "burn" (For the firmwares that haven't been downloaded, click "download" first.).


1.2 Burning Atom firmware

  • Like the burning of Basic, connect Atom atom at the end with USB.


  • You can select ATOM in the Board column. And then Basic will show the Atom firmware at the side column.

  • There is only one Atom firmware. Just click \"burn\".


2 Use Tutorial

Video tutorial address: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Qr4y1N7B5/

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