myCobot 280 M5


1 Profile

myCobot-M5 is jointly produced by Elephant Robotics and M5stack. As the world\'s smallest and lightest six-axis collaborative robot (also called cobot for short), it supports secondary development to the personalized needs of users. It is also both a productive tool and a tool for expanding the boundary of imagination.

myCobot has a net weight of 850g, a payload of 250g,and an effective working radius of 280mm. Although it is small-sized, it boasts multiple functions. It not only works various types of end effectors to conform to different applications, but also supports secondary development based on multi-platform softwares to meet the needs of scientific research, education, smart home, business exploration, etc.

2 Diagram of Function and Necessities


3 Product Performance

Unique industrial design and a compact structure

  • With an integrated design, it has a compact structure, weighting only 850g, which makes it portable.
  • Featuring a modular design and a concise shape, it is convenient to detach or change components so as to lower maintenance cost.
  • It can begin to work the moment plugged in.

Powerful performance with two screens equipped

  • With 6 built-in servo motors, the product responds quickly and rotates smoothly due to little inertia.
  • The body is equipped with two screens and supports the fastLED repository, which is convenient to the expansion of interactive output of applications.

LEGO connector and multiple application ecology of M5

  • With M5Stack-basic as the main control on pedestal, it meets various types of application.
  • LEGO interfaces on the pedestal and end enable the development of micro embedded devices.

Supporting graphical programming and industrial robotic software

  • Adopting myBlockly, a visual programming software to ensure free and easy programming.
  • Supporting Arduino + ROS open-source system.

Supporting record of tracks and coordinate

  • Supporting drag teaching and recorded paths saving.
  • Different paths up to 60 minus can be saved by new model instead of traditional model.


4 Patent on myCobot

myCobot is protected by patent.

No. Name Patent Code
1 Collaborative Robotic Arm 2020030683471.3
2 Robot Arm Link and its Robotic Arm CN 208196791 U
3 Robotic Arm Joint Connectors and its Robotic Arm CN 208196840 U
4 A Drag-Teaching Method and A System for Posture Keeping ZL 2018 1 1634649.3
5 An Online Detecting Method and System for Collision Based on Momentum Model ZL 2019 1 0030748.9
6 A Method for Parameters Identifying independent of Acceleration Joint Angle ZL 2019 1 0773865.4


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