myCobot 280-M5


1 Product Introduction

myCobot-M5 is produced by Elephant Robot and M5stack, myCobot is the world\'s smallest and lightest six-axis collaborative robot (also called cobot for short). It can be redeveloped according to the needs of users to achieve their personalized customization. It is a productivity tool and also a tool for expanding the boundary of imagination.

myCobot has a dead weight of 850g, a payload of 250g,and an effective working radius of 280mm. It is small in size but powerful in function. It not only can be used with a variety of end effector to adapt to various application scenarios, but also can support the redevelopment of multi-platform software to meet the needs of scientific research, education, smart home, business exploration and other scenarios.

2 Product Frame


3 Product Performance

  • Unique industrial design and extremely compact

    • With integrated design, the product has a compact body structure and the net weight is only 850g, so it is very easy to carry.
    • Using a modular design, the product is characterized by less spare parts, low maintenance cost, quick disassembly and replacement, and plug-and- play.
  • High configuration and being equipped with two display screens

    • Being equipped with 6 high-performance servo motors, the product features fast response, small inertia and smooth rotation.
    • The body is provided with two display screens and supports the fastLED library, which is convenient for expanding the interactive output of applications.
  • LEGO connector and M5 thousands of application ecology

    • The base uses M5 stack Basic as the main control, so thousands of application cases can be used directly.
    • Being equipped with LEGO interfaces, the base and end are suitable for the development of various miniature embedded devices.
  • Graphical programming and supporting industrial robot software

    • Using myBlockly visual programming software, you can program freely in the palm of your hand, and the operation is simple and easy.
    • Supports Arduino + ROS open source system.
  • Track entry and point saving

    • myCobot supports drag teaching and can record saved paths.
    • The traditional path point saving mode is gotten rid of, and up to 60mins of different paths can be saved.


4 Product Patents

myCobot is patent protected.

No. Name Code
1 Collaborative robot arm 2020030683471.3
2 Robot arm link and its robot arm CN 208196791 U
3 Robot arm joint connectors and its robot arm CN 208196840 U
4 A method and system for keeping the robot posture to drag teaching ZL 2018 1 1634649.3
5 A method and system for online collision detection of robots based on a momentum model ZL 2019 1 0030748.9
6 A method for identifying robot dynamics parameters which is independent of joint angular acceleration ZL 2019 1 0773865.4


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