mechArm 270-Pi


1 Product Introduction

mechArm 270-Pi belongs to Elephant Robotics's " mechArm " series of small six-axis robotic arms. It adopts Raspberry Pi microprocessor and supports ROS simulation software. It is an industrial imitation structure launched by Elephant Robotics for maker innovation and robot industry-university-research services Small six-axis robotic arm.

The body weight of mechArm 270-Pi is 1kg, the load is 250g, and the working radius is 270mm. The design is compact and portable, small but powerful, easy to operate, and can work with people safely. As the first small six-axis robotic arm of Elephant Robotics, it has three advantages of ease of use, safety and economy, and is a cost-effective choice.

2 Product performance

  • Built-in Raspberry Pi ecology, unlimited development possibilities

    • Raspberry Pi 4B, 1.5GHz quad-core microprocessor, running Debian/Ubuntu platform.

    • Support 4-way USB, 2-way HDMI, standardized GPIO interface, TF card pluggable.

  • Comes with ROS, graphical programming Blockly

    • Built-in ROS simulation manipulator operation state, super scalability.
    • blockly visual programming, while supporting general Python software interface.
  • Image recognition rich accessories are widely used

    • Built-in image recognition algorithm, optional camera can be selected.
    • Independently match different accessories such as monitors, gripper suction pumps, etc., to achieve more application scenarios.
  • Unique industrial design, extremely compact

    • Integrated design, the overall body structure is compact, and the net weight is only 960g, which is very easy to carry.
    • Modular design, less spare parts, low maintenance cost, quick disassembly and replacement, and plug and play.
  • High configuration, with Lego interface

    • Contains 6 high-performance servo motors, with fast response, small inertia and smooth rotation.
    • The base and the end are equipped with LEGO components, which are suitable for the development of various miniature embedded devices.

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