1 Node

1.1 Running

ros2 run <package_name> <executable_name>

1.2 View

ros2 node list ros2 node info <node_name>

1.3 Remapping

ros2 run turtlesim turtlesim_node --ros-args --remap __node:=my_turtle

2 Topic

2.1 Introduction

2.1.1 Communication Model

Topic is divided into Publisher and Subscriber, many-to-many model

2.1.2 Message Type

The message type is: .msg file

Applicable scenarios: based on asynchronous streaming data

2.2 Commands

2.2.1 View graphical nodes


2.2.2 View all topics

ros2 topic list

2.2.3 View the topic being published

ros2 topic echo <topic_name>

2.2.4 View the specific information of the topic

ros2 topic info <topic_name>

2.2.5 Publishing data using topic

ros2 topic pub <topic_name> <msg_type> '<args>'

2.2.6 View the frequency of topic publishing data

ros2 topic hz <topic_name>

3 Service

3.1 Introduction

3.1.1 Communication Model

Service is divided into Server and Client, one-to-one model

3.1.2 Message Type

File Type: .srv file
Applicable scenario: based on synchronous RPC style communication

3.2 Commands

3.2.1 View service

ros2 service list ros2 service list -t

3.2.2 Judgment Type

ros2 service type <service_name>

3.2.3 Find

ros2 service find <type_name>

3.2.4 Display

ros2 interface show <type_name>

3.2.5 Callback

ros2 service call <service_name> <service_type> <arguments>

4 Parameters

4.1 Introduction


4.1.2 Data Format

4.2 Commands

4.2.1 Addition

1.Add parameters at startup
ros2 run <package_name> <executable_name> --ros-args --params-file <file_name>

2.Add parameters from file
ros2 param load <node_name> <parameter_file>

4.2.2 Delete

4.2.3 Change

1.Set the parameters of the node
ros2 param set <node_name> <parameter_name> <value>
2.Dump the parameters to the file,node_name.yaml
ros2 param dump <node_name>

4.2.4 Check

ros2 param list
ros2 param get <node_name> <parameter_name>

5 Actions

5.1 Introduction

5.1.1 Main use

for data storage

5.1.2 File format

.action ends

5.1.3 Content Format

# Request
# Result
# Feedback

Request message: from action client -> action server
Result message:action server -> action client Feedback message: Periodically, action server -> action client

5.2 Commands

  1. Check ros2 action list
    ros2 action list -t
    ros2 action info /turtle1/rotate_absolute

ros2 interface show turtlesim/action/RotateAbsolute

ros2 action send_goal <action_name> <action_type> <values>

6 Check**

6.1 System Check

ros2 doctor

6.2 Obtain inspection report

ros2 doctor --report

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