Adaptive Gripper

Adaptive model: myCobot 320 and myCobot Pro 600

Product Diagram




Adaptive gripper:used for gripping objects


  • The gripper is a robot part that can perform the functions similar to the ones of a human hand. It features a complex structure, firm gripping and easy operation.

  • The gripper kit includes gripper connecting cable and flange. It can realize object gripping, multi-point positioning and other functions by controlling the end effector of the robot arm with a programmable system. The grippers can be used in all development environments such as ROS, Arduino, Roboflow, etc.

Working principle

  • Driven by a motor, the finger surface of the gripper performs linear reciprocating motion to realize an opening or closing action. The acceleration and deceleration of the electric gripper can be controlled, which minimizes the impact on workpieces. Positioning points and clamping can be controlled.

Applicable for

  • small squares
  • balls
  • long objects.

Installation and use guide

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