Electric Gripper

Adaptive models: myCobot 320 and myCobot Pro 600

Product Diagram


Electric gripper: used for gripping objects


  • PGE series are industrial thin parallel electric grippers, and the number represent the maximum gripping force. The gripper is provided with a pair of parallel fingertips, which run symmetrically during their movement. The main structure of the gripper is a smooth rectangular structure. With a small size, the gripper saves installation space. It has 5 installing holes, which can meet different installation conditions.

  • It features fast response and high gripping frequency, and is equipped with an 8-pin communication interface. Because it is mainly used to clamp or jam objects, so it is applicable for relatively light objects.

Working principle

  • The opening or closing of the gripper are realized by driving a pinion and rack and a cross roller guide way with a motor. Positioning points and clamping of electric grippers can be controlled.

Applicable for

  • the objects whose volume is less than the gripping stroke and whose weight is less than the maximum gripping weight
  • The gripper can be used for more objects by using customized fingertips.

Product Parameters

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Operating environment

Environment Notes
Communication protocol RS-485
Operating voltage 24V
Rated current 0.25A
Peak Current 0.5A
Protection level IP40
Recommended use environment 0-40℃

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