Sucking disc Base

Adaptive model: myCobot 320


Instructions for Use:

Suitable for flat and smooth surfaces

  • 1.First open the sucking discs of the self-priming pump, align the four holes in the base bottom plate with the self-priming pump, then place the nuts in the four holes and tighten them, and finally fix the bottom plate and sucking discs.

  • 2.Remove the cover at the bottom of the sucking discs, place it on a smooth table, and press the sucking discs to pump air. After pumping air from the four sucking discs, you can test whether the bottom plate has been fixed, and then tighten the nuts again.

  • 3.Next, fix the robot arm to the bottom plate and align the robot arm with the groove of the bottom plate. After placing them in position, place three M6x90 screws in three holes of the robot arm, place the corresponding nuts on the bottom plate at the same position, and then tighten the screws with an Allen key to fix the robot arm on the bottom plate.


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