Module Sucking Disc

Adaptive models: myCobot 320 and myCobot Pro 600

Product Diagram


Sucking disc adsorption pump: used for adsorbing objects


  • The sucking disc adsorption pump connects the suction port with the object to be adsorbed through the sucking disc, pipes and other components, evacuates the sucking disc, changing the internal air pressure from normal pressure to negative pressure, and adsorbs the object using the difference between the atmospheric pressure and the negative pressure.
  • The whole structure is a multi-functional expandable sucking disc, and up to 4 sucking disc can be installed up to 4; the high pressure resistant hose can be reused many times; other functions can be added with a suction and blowing integrated air compressor.

Working principle

  • The vacuum equipment is started to suck air to generate negative pressure in the sucking disc so that the object to be lifted can be adsorbed firmly, and then the object to be lifted can be transported
  • When the object is transported to the destination, air is smoothly inflated into the vacuum sucking disc to change the negative pressure in the disc to zero pressure or slightly positive pressure. At this time, the disc is separated from the object, thus completing the lifting and transport of the object.

Applicable for the objects with flat surfaces

Appearance introduction

  • Multi-functional expandable sucking disc (Four pis can be installed at most.)

  • High pressure resistant hose, which can be reused many times

  • Suction and blowing integrated air compressor, which can be used to add other functions

Specifications and Parameters

Strength Parameter
Rated power 370 W
PRES 0.8 mpa
Rotating speed 1,400 R/Min
Voltage 220 V/50Hz
Air displacement 49 L/Min
Maximum Adsorbable weight 1 kg
Number of sucking discs that can be installed 1 / 2 / 4
Air compressor weight 10 KG
Sucking disc weight >300 g

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