Pneumatic Gripper

Adaptive models: myCobot 320 and myCobot Pro 600

Product Diagram


Pneumatic gripper: used for gripping objects


  • The pneumatic gripper, also known as a pneumatic finger or pneumatic gripping finger, is an actuator that uses compressed air as power to grip or grasp workpieces. It is small in size, light in weight, and compact in shape. It can realize one-way and two-way gripping and automatic centering with high repeatability. And automatic control can be realized with the magnetic switch.

  • A pneumatic gripper package includes a gripper flange, air pump, φ8 air pipe, φ6 air pipe, φ8-6 quick connector, solenoid valve and cable. Its main function is to take the place of human to grip workpieces, which can effectively improve production efficiency and work safety. An external adsorption pump is required.

Operating principle

  • Single piston: The shaft drives the crank, and the air gripper is driven by the piston to open and close. Each of two gripper slices has a crank groove. In order to reduce frictional resistance, the gripper slice is connected with the body, forming a steel ball slide rail structure.

  • Double piston: It acts with two pistons. Each piston is connected with a pneumatic finger by a roller and a double crank to form a special drive unit to make sure that the pneumatic finger always move axially and concentrically, and each finger cannot move independently. In a parallel gripper cylinder, if the finger moves in the opposite direction, the previously pressurized piston is vented and the other piston is pressurized.

Applicable for

  • the objects whose volume is less than the gripping stroke and whose weight is less than the maximum gripping weight
  • The gripper can be used for more objects by using customized fingertips.

Appearance introduction



Specifications and Parameters

Cylinder block(mm) 6 10 16 20
Guide bearing width 5 7 9 12
Used fluid Air
Way of action Double-acting
Minimum operating pressure 0.15MPa 0.06MPa 0.05MPa
Maximum operating pressure 0.7MPa
Ambient and fluid temperatures Without magnetic switch:-10~+70℃,With magnetic switch:-10~+60℃(But it is frozen)
Piston speed 50-500mm/s
Allowable kinetic energy J 0.0125 0.025 0.05 0.1
Oil feed Not required
buffer Rubber buffer at both ends

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