Note: One-click launch tool is only available for Raspberry Pi version

Function Description

In order to avoid entering too many cumbersome commands to use the artificial intelligence suit, here is an aikit one-click startup tool, including color recognition, image recognition, and adding images. The user uses the tool according to the log prompt information.

Steps for usage

1 Double-click to open the aikit tool on the desktop to enter the tool interface.

2 First open ros, it takes about 10s to wait.

3 After selecting the program you want to run, click Run, and you can check the opening status by viewing the terminal.

Add new image

1 Click the button and wait for the camera to turn on.

2 Select the image frame with the mouse and press the z key to take a picture 3 In the second image box that pops up, use the mouse to frame the image area that needs to be recognized. 4 Press Enter to extract the image. 5 According to the terminal prompt, enter the number (1-4) to save to the corresponding image folder, and press the Enter key to save to the corresponding folder.

If the terminal outputs Saved, the image is saved successfully.

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