Suit building

Installation video

1 Install the robotic arm

1.1 For myCobot 320 M5/Pi version robotic arm, begin by placing the acrylic base plate with four mounting holes in the middle of the tabletop.

1.2 Align the robotic arm with the mounting holes and secure it using M6 screws.

1.3 Assemble the three acrylic base plates together. In the middle, place the base plate for securing the robotic arm. On the left side, place the base plate carrying the information for Bin A and Bin B. On the right side, place the base plate carrying the information for Bin C and Bin D.

2 Install the camera bracket

2.1 Put the T-nut into the groove of the long profile, use the M5x8 pan head hexagon socket screw to install the corner code, and install 3 pieces in sequence。

2.2 Repeat the above to install the short profile corner code.

2.3 Put the T-nut into the groove of the profile, and install the short profile on the long profile with M5x8 pan head hexagon socket screws.

2.4 Align the assembled camera bracket with the holes on the acrylic board, and fix it with M5x10 pan head hexagon socket head screws. Pay attention to fix the three screws first, and then tighten the screws in sequence to avoid deviation of the holes.

2.5 Put the T-nut first, and use the M5x10 pan head hexagon socket head screw to fix the camera, so it is installed.

3 place parts

3.1 First, remove the yellow protective film, then place the components according to the QR codes provided below.

3.2 Arrange large and small parts boxes.

4 Install the suction pump

4.1 Securely mount the suction pump using M6 screws at the end of the robotic arm.

4.2 Connect the IO pin interface located on the right side of the robotic arm.

5 Install the gripper

For specific connection details, please refer to the section on myCobot Pro Adaptive Gripper in the user manual or documentation.

6 fixed routing

6.1 Paste the cable conduit on the acrylic base plate according to the wiring position of the camera.

6.2 Use the black velcro to fix the cable of the camera.

6.3 Securely place the wires into the cable conduit.

6.4 Use white Velcro to secure the suction pump tubing. With that, the assembly is complete.

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