myCobot 320 AI Kit 2023


1 Product introduction

  • The myCobot 320 AI Kit 2023 edition is an entry-level AI package that integrates positioning, automatic sorting, and object grasping modules. It features 5 major visual recognition algorithms, 7 application scenarios, and 2 gripping methods. With a maximum payload of 1kg, it is compatible with M5 and PI adapters for versatile robotic arm compatibility. It offers 8 learning points and supports visualization software. Built on the Python platform, it allows for software development to control the robotic arm. It is user-friendly and enables quick learning of AI fundamentals, inspiring innovative thinking and embracing open-source creative culture.

  • This set is highly scalable and versatile, catering to diverse needs and can be used for multiple purposes. It is suitable for easy use in university training platforms, robotics disciplines, robotics laboratories, or for personal learning and use.

2 Product performance:

  • Four colored wooden blocks and cards of different shapes can be freely chosen. The set includes four ID QR codes that allow you to learn about the projection relationship between the 2D and 3D worlds. By studying image feature points, you can learn about image segmentation and save image features. The set also includes the YOLOv5 algorithm, which helps you understand neural networks. With object recognition, it can meet most of your needs for object grasping, enabling intelligent grasping. It supports unordered grasping and enhances the deep understanding of QR code recognition. 图

  • There are two types of end effectors: the myCobot Pro Adaptive Gripper and the myCobot Pro Single Head Suction Pump.


  • 8 robotics learning perspectives: 图
  • Visualization software: The Artificial Intelligence Kit 2023 supports visual software operation, provides customized and simple operation methods. Users can quickly start the artificial intelligence learning journey. 图

3 Product parameters

Index Parameter
Product Name myCobot 320 AI Kit 2023
Total measurement 521X637.5X600mm
Recognition speed 600msColor/shape/QR code: 300ms Feature points: 600ms
Recognition accuracy 3mm
Camera name USB distortion free camera
Image pixels 2M 1080p
Supported image formats MJPG/YUY2
Pixel size 3.0umx3.0um
Maximum frame rate MJPG:1920 1080@30fps YUV:1920 1080@30fps
USB protocol Standard UVC protocol
Field of view 110° no distortion
Lens focal length 2.8mm
Supported system Windows 10/Windows 11/Ubuntu 18.04/Ubuntu 20.04

4 Product System Composition Structure

  • Hardware composition


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