Electrical Interface of myCobot 280 M5

1 Introduction

1.1 Pedestal

  • A. The interface, screen for displaying detailed information and buttons are shown in Figure 2-3:


​ Figure 2-3 Front view of the base

  • B. The interface on the left side of the pedestal is shown in Figure 2-4:


​ Figure 2-4 Left side view of the base

  • C. The interface on the right side of the base is shown in Figure 2-5:

211311图片1 Figure 2-5 Right side of the base

1.2 Introduction to Interfaces on Pedestal

Notice:The functional interface groups are all 2.54mm DuPont interfaces, and 2.54mm DuPont cables can be used externally.

  • A. Figure 2-6 provides the definition of each interface of group 1.


​ Figure 2-6 Function interface group 1

  • B. The definitions of each interface of group 2 is the same as that of group 3, which are shown in Figure 2-7:


​ Figure 2-7 Function interface group 3

Notice: The other functions of the interface are shown in Figure 2-8.

IO function is not available when other functions are in use.


​ Figure 2-8

  • D. DC Interface of power: use a DC power socket with an outer diameter of 6.5mm and an inner diameter of 2.0mm. The 8.4V 5A DC power adapter provided by the manufacturer can be used to power myCobot 280.


​ Figure 2-9 Grove interface 1


​ Figure 2-10 Grove interface 2


​ Figure 2-11 Grove interface 3

  • F. Type C Interface. It can be used to connect and communicate with the PC. At the time that this interface is used, the G1 and G3 interfaces are occupied.
  • G. Reset Button. It is used to reset the main control system.
  • H. Button A, Button B and Button C. It is used with the screen.
  • I. Screen. It is used with a 2-inch IPS screen for displaying the communication status and calibrating the robot in cooperation with the button.

2 Electrical Interface of the End

2.1 Introduction to the End of Robotic Arm

  • A. Figure 2-12 and Figure 2-13 show the side interface of the end:


​ Figure 2-12 Side view of the end of the robotic arm


​ Figure 2-13 Side view of the end of the robotic arm

2.2 Introduction to Terminal Interface

  • A. Figure 2-14 shows the definition of each interface of group 4:


​ Figure 2-14 Function interface group 4

  • B. Type C interface: It can be used to communicate with PC and update firmware.

  • C. Grove interface 4: The definition of Grove interface 4 is shown in Figure 2-4


​ Figure 2-15 Grove interface 4

  • D. Servo Interface. It is used when expanding the gripper at the end, and currently supports the use of the matchable adaptive gripper.
  • E. Atom. Displaying 5X5 RGB LED (G27) and key function (G39).

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