Development Environment Construction

1 Using Environment

myCobot 280 for M5 is developed and used based on the basis of PC. As there is no built-in system inside the robotic arm, the combination of the robotic arm and the PC is required during use. Prepare a PC firstly before use.

2 Development Environment

Here are the development environments supported by myCobot 280 for M5. Read to download and install:

  • 2.3 Development based on C++ . C++ is the inheritance of C Language. It can not only carry out the procedural programming of the C Language, but also the object-based programming characterized by abstract data types, as well as inheritance and polymorphism as the Features of object-oriented programming. With C++ language, you can freely develop programms(coordinate control, angle control, io control, gripper control, etc.) through the C++ dynamic library developed by our company, and control some of the robots. After installing the C++ environment , refer to the use cases for more infromation.


  • 2.4 Development based on C#. C# is an object-oriented programming language derived from C and C++ released by Microsoft, an advanced programming language running on .NET Framework and .NET Core (completely open source and cross-platform) . Using the C#, you can freely develop programs (coordinate control, angle control, io control, gripper control, etc.) through the C# dynamic library provided by our company, and control some of the robots. After installing the C# environment , refer to the use cases for more information.


  • 2.5 Development based on Arduino. Arduino is an easy-to-use, open-source electronic prototyping platform that includes hardware (various Arduino-compliant development boards) and software (Arduino IDE and related development kits). The hardware part (or development board) consists of a microcontroller (MCU), flash memory (Flash), and a set of general-purpose input/output interfaces (GPIO), etc. It can be understood as a microcomputer motherboard. The software part is mainly composed of Arduino IDE on the PC side, related board support packages (BSP) and rich third-party function libraries. Users can use Arduino IDE to easily download the BSP related to the development board and the required function library to write program.At the same time, on github, we have an open source program MyCobotBasic. There are many sample programs under the example, such as SetRGB.ino and ControlRobot.ino. When users want to control the terminal leds independently, they can use SetRGB.ino. Coordinate control can Using ControlRobot.ino, you can also modify DIY according to your own needs. Refer to simple use of Arduino and the API for more information.

  • 2.6 Development based on JavaScript. JavaScript is a scripting language that runs on the client application and does not require compilation. js interpreter is used to interpret and execute codes one by one in the process of running. , some of our robots can be controlled through our company's ecological library of JavaScript language. After installing the JavaScript environment , refer to use cases for more infromation.


  • 2.7 Development based on ROS. ROS is open-source and is a post operating system, or secondary operating system, used for robot control. With the use of ROS, the simulation control of the manipulator can be realized in the virtual environment. The robotic arm can be visualized through the rviz platform, and operate the robotic arm in a variety of ways. It can also be used to plan and execute the robotic arm's action path through to freely control the robotic arm. After installing the ROS development environment , refer to use cases and use of moveit for more information.


3 Updating Firmware

The basic firmware of myCobot 280 M5 and the update of Atom firmware need to be updated via myStudio.

Go to the address below for more information about myStudio:

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