myCobot-280 for Arduino


1 Structural parameters

1.1 Robot arm parameters

Indicator Parameter
Name Baby elephant collaborative robot arm
Model myCobot 280 for Arduino
Degree of freedom 6
Load 250g
Effective working radius 280mm
Dead weight 850g
Power input 8-12V,5A
Operational environment -5-45℃
Communications USB(Depends on the development board)

1.2 working space


1.3 Standard sizes


1.4 joint range of motion

joint range
J1 -165 ~ +165
J2 -165 ~ +165
J3 -165 ~ +165
J4 -165 ~ +165
J5 -165 ~ +165
J6 -175 ~ +175

1.5 Hole position installation

  • Robot base mounting flange The base is compatible with both LEGO parts installation and M4 screw installation.


  • Robot end mounting flange The end of the arm is compatible with both LEGO component holes and screw threaded holes.


2 Electronic parameters

Indicator Parameter
SOC Broadcom BCM2711
CPU 64-bit 1.5GHz quad-core
Bluetooth/Wireless have
USB USB3.0 x2; USB2.0 x2(Depends on the development board)
display screen without
HDMI interface microHDMI x2
custom button without
IO interface 54 (Depends on the development board)

3 DH parameters


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